Live communication at the highest level.

From public spaces to private places

When we founded the agency in 2005, we started with the claim to design brand staging in public space in such a way that people and brands interact with each other.

With the increasing demand of our clients to network more closely with individual target groups, we have expanded our range of services in the field of live communication (Querverlinkung auf die allgemeine Seite Projekte/English) to include exclusive brand experiences.

As an agency for experience marketing and brand communication we are experts for:

  • Events
  • Exhibiton & Conferences
  • Point of Sale
  • Promotion
  • Campaigns & Channels
  • Communication design
  • Scenography & Architecture
  • Media

Customized Marketing Solutions

If you want to offer specific solutions, you have to make full use of them. This is the only way we can identify the key measures that add real value to our customers’ marketing mix.

The challenge is always to create individually outstanding brand experiences that also contribute to the uniform overall image of the brand.

It is our demand to create tailor-made measures that logically continue the brand history.

Therefore, we offer the following services:

  • Development of experience strategies & communication concepts
  • Design of experience spaces & communication devices
  • Implemenation of events & brand stagings

We bring brands to life!

We believe that strong brands have an individual character which is not created at a touchpoint alone but through a whole ensemble of brand contacts along the customer journey.

In our concepts we attach particular importance to communication from person to person, which is why we also strategically accompany person-supported measures.

Because it can hardly be more personal than personal, and those who experience nothing have nothing to tell online.

This insight is the basis for our work.

It is our demand to explore the limits of what is possible over and over again and to make brands perceptible and tangible in people’s everyday lives.




Wir entwickeln Erlebnisstrategien & Konzepte.

Wir gestalten Erfahrungsräume & audiovisuelle Kommunikationsmittel.

Wir realisieren Veranstaltungen & inszenieren Marken.

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